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Thoughts on True Blood season two, Part II:

—>Aw, damn it. I knew Sam meeting another shifter was too good to be true. Oh well.
—>This Maryann shit is getting out of HAND. Even though Bon Temps folk sodomizing pine trees is pretty funny…
—>I love Jessica and Hoyt. :) So awkward and cute.
—>I don’t really like Godric that much. He annoys me.
—>I do, however, LOVE all the homoerotic tension between him and Eric!
—>Isabel played one of my favorite one-episode characters on Grey’s Anatomy! (Zona, from the “No Man’s Land” episode.)
—>Lorena’s a biiiiitch. But I knew that already. All the flashbacks of them in the 20s and 30s are SO CAMPY.
—>Ughh, so over these Fellowship of the Sun bastards.
—>Don’t cry, Eric! Mama’s here!

Two more episodes and it’s on to season three!

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Thoughts on True Blood season two:

Since I’m probably the last person on earth who hasn’t seen this season yet, I won’t put it behind a cut. Contains some spoilers; you’ve been warned. I’m only about five episodes in.

—>I think the Jason-goes-to-bible-camp subplot is totally uninteresting. Does it ever end??
—>Ughh, I hate Maryann. She’s so full of shit. But that’s obvious, right?
—>Yayyyy, finding out more about Eric!
—>I LOVE when Eric and Pam speak Swedish to each other. At least, I think that’s what they’re speaking.
—>Jessica is fabulous. I’m jealous of how pretty she is.
—>Not sure how I feel about Sookie meeting another telepath…
—>But yay for Sam for meeting another shapeshifter! That crazy, overly noble guy needs a friend.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. Pleeeease, no future spoilers!

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